Hi and welcome to my website.

My name is Heidi Andersson. I live in Finland, at a place called Veikkola. Veikkola is around 30km away from Helsinki. We live in country side and have nice and quiet place to be...
I have at the moment 4 bobtails at home: Drover´s Very Best "Helli", Soft Motion´s By My Side "Esmeralda" and Esmeraldas kids Soft Motion´s Dear Devil & Diamond In The Sky.

Our new family member Bearded Collie "Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel came to us summer 2013. Only time will tell what is her future ;).

Littlebit a history

I have been with OES since I was a child as my granny had a puppy from Drover´s Kennel. Drover´s April Love "Lilli".
It took many years that the 1st own Oes came to my life... it was 1999...

I have been a boardmember of the Finnish Bobtailclub 2003-2005. Half of the time I was secretary. I was re-elected again for 2 years and I worked year 2006 also as a secretary. 2007-2008 I have been a president of Finnish Bobtailclub. Year 2009 I was working again at the board as a president untill 19.3.2009.

My first Bobtail was Drover´s Unique Surprise "Kamu". He was no showdog because of his undershot, but we were seen at agility competitions. "Kamu" was a top agility Bobtail in Finland 2002-2003.

"Nuppu" Bab At The Bowster´s Superdrover came to me from Holland year 2001. Satu Tanner asked if I want to take her to live with me. "Nuppu" did well at the showrings and I learned what to do. Satu and Taija showed her and I kept her coat in good condition. "Nuppu" was the Bobtail of the year 2003.

Littlebit about my breeding plans

The breeding is my hobby and I do litters time to time... But when I do I will do anything that I found a nice male for my girls. Temperament, looks and healthy are the main things for me.

About me

I work at garden sales so time to time my work is taking all my time... I also like to take photos as I worked before at big photolab 12 years and love that. Also I like to do my own website ;)

Greeting from us!
Heidi, Helli, Esmeralda, Sirkku, Risto and Pulmu