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19-20.8.2017 Tallinn 2x INT Shows Estonia

1st trip this year was a success as "Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden travelled home with to CACIBS!
19.8.2017 Holger at intermediate class EXL1 SQ BOB and CACIB. Judge was Mr.Anthony Kelly from Ireland.
20.8.2017 Holger EXL1 SQ BM2 and CACIB. Judge was Mr.Johnny Andersson from Sweden.
2nd day Holger was full of energy and he ust wanted to play with the other beardie at the best male ring :D

19.8.2017 Holger

20.8.2017 Holger

Holger stands still ... :)


18.8.2017 CEA genetest result
"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel is CEA N/N clear. As "Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden is also clear via parents my A-litter is CEA clear too. Happy Happy :)


28.7.2017 Helsinki INT Eukanuba summer show
Life with puppies and now finally some show news with Holger ( Farmarens Viking Of Sweden ).
Holger intermediate class EXL1 SQ and at the end BM2 with CAC and Re-Cacib.
Breed judge was Mr. Gerardo Paolucci from Argentina.

Holgerilla meno päällä


1.7.2017 Riihimäki KV
"Sirkka" Soft Motion´s Caught Up With You open class exl and "Alma" Soft motion´s Bedtime Story at veteran class exl1 SQ BB2 and BOB-Veteran . Breed judge was Mrs. Elena Ruskovaara.


18.6.2017 Haapajärvi
Pauliina and "Sirkka" Soft Motion´s Caught Up With You at Haapajärvi. Open class EXL2 with SQ and re-cac. Breed judge was Mr.Paavo Mattila.



17.6.2017 OES Spesialty at Kotka
"Alma" FI MVA Soft Motion´s Bedtime Story was BOS veteran.
Veteran bitches was entered 4 so it was not a gift ;).
Thank you Minna <3
Breed judge was Mr. Davor Javor Knl Reata´s


11.6.2017 Dog Show at Tuuri
Pauliina and "Sirkka" Soft Motion´s Caught Up With You at open class EXL1 SQ and BOS with CAC.
Well done Pauliina and Sirkka <3
Judge was Mrs Helin Tenson.

Sirkka <3


5.6.2017 Puppies born
3.6.2017 puppies finally came... 1 black boy and 1 blue girl :)

Watti and Hatti <3


27.4.2017 Bearded collie puppies on the way
Pulmu has atleast 2 puppies... Now we just have to wait...

Puppies <3

24.4.2017 News from the whelping box...
Puppies are growing fast and the weights are riseing well...

Looking good :)


15.4.2017 Puppies are here...
Puppies born 14.4.2017 2+6

Bunnies or puppies <3


13.3.2017 PUPPIES!!! <3
After 28 days I finally took "Dotti" Soft Motion´s Dashing Dot Com for the ultrasound...
And yes we are going to have puppies <3

More details at OES puppies site

1st look <3


23.1.2017 Holger at x-rays
"Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden was x-rayed. Hips left to our kennelclub B/A and elwbows 0/0. Well as we Finns already know they will come back 1 step down too often... so the final result is C/B and 0/0.

Holgers Hips...


22.1.2017 Turku INT show

"Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden won the intermediate class EXC1 SQ. Finally he ended up BM4 with CAC. Males 11 and bitches 4. So proud of my little boy <3
The breed judge was Mr Róbert Kotlár (Knl Only For Fun) from Hungary.


Holger <3

Holger liikkeessä