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24.12.2014 Merry Xmas!

We want to thank you all for this year and Wish You Merry Xmas and peacefull New Year 2015!
Next year we hopefully get some puppy news and we will see what else :)

"Helli" Drover´s Very Best Wishes you all Merry Christmas <3


6-7.12.2014 Helsinki, Finland Helsinki winner & winner shows

6.12.2014 HeV-14 "Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky and "Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love made me proud at the show as they took the bitches titles with flying colours. Sirkku won the Champion class and was BB1 with cacib and title HeW-14. Alli at the veteran class BOB-veteran and got the title HeVW-14 and was BB2. Sirkku was BOS and I was happy to go home to wash Pulmu for the next day ;)
Breed judge was Mrs. Minna-Liisa Koltes from USA.
7.12.2014 "Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love got the title VW-14 and was again BOB-veteran. "Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky Exl4 well I don´t know why no SQ but the judge didn´t like the tip of the tail that I was trimmed ;). Breed judge was Mrs. Pamela Ruderkamp from Netherland.
At the same time at bearded collie ring my "Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel made me proud! Charlott Pulmu´s breeder sended me message that Pulmu won the title JW-14! Pulmu did well as the judge plased all the bitches and Pulmu was BB5 after champion bitches and got her 1st CAC too :) I was Happy <3
Breed judge was Mrs. Sara Nordin from Sweden.

"Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky HeW-14

"Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love HeVW-14 & VW-14 with her owner Niina.

"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel JW-14 CAC and BB5 with Mathilda Sandberg (knl Farmarens).


27.9.2014 Ekerö Int Show

Niina and "Alli"Soft Motion´s April Love at the show BB2 and Bob-veteran. The judge was Mrs. Jean Lawless. Alli and Niina made the cut in the big ring at the veteran group :)


6.9.2014 Helsinki

"Coco" Soft Motion´s Divine Dynamite Excellent... Undercoat was missing so no SQ..
Breed judge was Mr.Robert Kanas..

"Coco" Soft Motion´s Divine Dynamite


30.8.2014 Tervakoski INT Show

"Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky BOB, Cacib and now she is new C.I.B :)
Breed judge was Mr. Pedro Sanches Delerue.

"Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky BOB and new C.I.B!


26.8.2014 Tallinna INT Estonia

"Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky BOB, Cacib, CAC and New EE CH!
Breed judge: Mari Palgi from Estonia.

"Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky BOB and New EE CH!


16.8.2014 Raisio

"Dora" Soft Motion´s Dinner Date Open class 2nd and BB3 with re-CAC. "Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love today BOB-vet BB1 and BOS. Breed judge Mrs. Pirjo Aaltonen.

"Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love BOS and BOB-VET


11.8.2014 EN-14 Tuusula

Turnaus kestävyyttä kysyttiin, kun Erikoisnäyttelymme oli heti seuraavana päivänä. Sain houkuteltua Hennan Sampon kanssa paikalle ja "Sampo" Häagandanz Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal pysäytti katseet koko kehän ympärillä. Sampo ja Henna liitelivät upeasti päivän parhaaksi lyhyeksi leikatuiden valioiden luokassa!
Niina ja "Assi" Soft Motion´s Can´t Resist Me avoluokan H mikä oli kyllä hiukan yllätys. Assi ei ollut tippaakaan tuomarimme mieleen. . Seuraavana valioluokassa "Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky, joka ylsi hienosti 18:sta nartusta 6 parhaan joukkoon tälläkin kertaa. Niinan veteraani "Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love piti meidän leirin lippua korkealla jälleen ollen ROP-veteraani. Päivä oli pitkä ja uuvuttava ja pisteenä iin päälle ampainen pisti minuakin huuleen ja niin montaa muutakin... Kiitos kaikille ihanasta seurasta!
Rodun tuomaroivat Woody Nelson USA Knl Mop Top ja Mary Anne Brocious USA Knl Qubic´s.

HÄAGANDAZS AUS DEM ELBE-URSTROMTAL, BOB champion ( clipped class )

"Sampo" and Co-owner Henna absolutely stunning pair!

"Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love BOB-VET


10.8.2014 WW-14 Helsinki

Maailman voittajassa oltiin ja ekana lammaskoirista kehään asteli Niina ja "Assi" Soft Motion´s Can´t Resist Me. Tuloksena Avo luokan EH. Seuraavana valioluokassa "Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky, joka ylsi hienosti 17:sta nartusta 6 parhaan joukkoon ainoana Suomalaisena ;). Niinan vetreä veteraani "Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love piti meidän leirin lippua korkealla saaden tittelin Veteraani Maailman Voittaja ollen lopulta VSP-veteraani! Voiko sitä enään ylpeämpi olla tämän kaksikon menestyksestä <3 Kasvattaja ryhmämme oli 3s KP:n kera. Rodun tuomaroi Diane Andersson USA.

"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel junior class VG.

"Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love VETERAN WORLD WINNER-14!!!

Soft Motion´s breeders group 3rd with HP. Sirkku, Alli and Assi


5.8.2014 FCI Herding Inctingt test

"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel passed FCI herding inctingt test and got FCI HIT score :)


1-3.8.2014 3x Kuopio INT

Niina and "Alli"Soft Motion´s April Love did a hattrick! Alli 3x BOB and BOB-veteran.
Breed judges Klindrup Freddie, Muntean Petru and Marianne Holm.


6.7.2014 Raasepori

"Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love and Niina this time at Raasepori. Again lovely results as Alli was BOS and BOB-veteran :) Breed judge was Branislav Rajic.

"Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love very happy veteran <3


5.7.2014 Trondheim Int Show

"Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky won the bitches and was BOB with CAC & CACIB an is now new NO CH. At the group ring she made the cut and was with best of 6 finalist.
Breed judge was Mr. Garach Domech Angel from Spain and Mrs. Jean Lawless from Ireland.

"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel travelled with me to see her breeders and also was shown at the ring. She was EXL3 at junior class. The breed judge was Mrs. Carin Åkesson from Sweden.

"Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky BOB and new NO CH!

"Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky at the big ring :)

"Pulmu" Framarens Rock N´Rebel 1 year old..


29.4.2014 Pori INT

Niina and "Alli"Soft Motion´s April Love Exl SQ BB3 and BOB-Veteran :)


28.6.2014 Forssa all breed show

It has been long time when there has been 2 Soft Motion´s girls at the ring. But now after "Alli" Soft Motion´s April Loven turned 8 years old she is back in business at veteran classes. "Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky did well at the champion class and got EXL1 SQ. Alli at veteran class EXL1 SQ and BOB-Veteran. At the best bitch competition the girls did great as Alli was 1st and Sirkku 2nd so I am really proud of them :)
Alli was finally BOS at the best of breed competition. There was enter of 4+5 OES.
The breed judge was Mr.Beng-Åke Bogren from Sweden.
"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel has decited to start dropping her coat and the result was at jun class EXL1. The judge was same as OES.

"Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love and Niina are happy for the win :)

"Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love BOB-Veteran and BOS


7.6.2014 Bearded Collie spesialty show at Tuorla

Ofcourse it had to rain as so many times before at spesialty shows... Well we get littlebit vet and got excellent. "Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel got more ring training for the future... I am happy that I had time to train Pulmu to run after some other dog so I am quite happy how it went ;). Judge for the bitches was Mrs. Jay Liz from UK( Knl Talzan )


25.5.2014 Salo group show for groups 1 & 9

"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel was really nice at the ring and she got Jun EXL1 CQ and was BB3.
Judge for the day was Mrs. Fiona Clarke from Ireland.
Jonna and "Hupi" Soft Motion´s Captain Jack Sparrow came to the show too and it was worth it... Hupi Open class EXL1 CAC and BOB. Hupi got his last CAC for the FI CH title! Only 6 shows for this little boy :)
At the group ring Hupi was with 6 finalist. Breed judge was Mrs. Mari Palgi from Estonia and Group Fiona Clarke from Ireland.

"Hupi" Soft Motion´s Captain Jack Sparrow BOB and new FI CH!

"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel at the ring


10.5.2014 Helsinki Aptus Int Show

Our 1st outside show and my little beardie girl "Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel was there training. Pulmu did well as she got exc1 and was best junior of the breed. This show has the own Royal Canin competition for the juniors. We went to the big ring with all the days best juniors and made 2 cuts and finally we where there with 8 best finalist! That was quite well I think ;)
Our both judges came from GB. Breed judge Mrs. Britt-Marie Young and junior Group Mr. Frank Kane.


4.5.2014 Tampere INT

"Sirkku" Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky did the job absolutely well as she won the bitches witch Cacib and finally ended up BOS. There was a enter of 18 OES and the judge was Mr. Harri Lehkonen from Finland.

Tiny "Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel was having really good time at the ring... 1st time and she just wanted to go see EVERYBODY :) Our judge Mr. Rainer Vuorinen was really quick and the result was VG at the junior class. Pulmu wasn´t the only one so I am happy as she is so baby :)


26.4.2014 Vaasa Int show

Niina and "Assi" Soft Motion´s Can´t Resist Me at Vaasa show BB3 with re-Cac.


16.4.2014 Big dissapointment...

Well we are not going to get puppies this summer... Miisa´s ultrasound was really sad moment and all the time and hopes for these puppies were gone :( Maybe the timeing was wrong as the weekend was on the way. The semen didn´t move for 4-5 days so my we went with my vets order... The vet from Italy said that it is too early... Maybe it was so...


22.3.2014 Excitement in the air!

I have been busy organiseing everything... as always the timeing is not the best and what you have planned you can forget it! But now I am happy that everything went well and Miisa´s groom came to Finland in time and I picked it up yesterday morning. This morning we had time for the vet and everything went smoothly with this chilled groom :) Now is time to have a little rest and wait for the ultrasound at week 16.

Here we are going with the groom ;)


9.3.2014 Seinäjoki show for groups 1&5

"Risto" Soft Motion´s Dear Devil today at the show Open class win and was finally BOB with his last CAC! He is now new FI CH <3. "Assi" Soft Motion´s Can´t Resist Me at open class EXL2 at the last CAC is still missing...
Breed judge was Mrs. Maija Sylgrén. At The group Risto made the cut with 8 finalist. Judge was Mrs. Tarja Löfgren.

12.1.2014 Lahti

My plan was to try last CAC for Risto but it is still a plan... "Risto" Soft Motion´s Dear Devil Open class Exl1. The biggest issue for me was that the judge said that Risto had too finished coat!
The breed judge was Mrs. Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen from Finland.


1.1.2014 New Layout coming...

I have been sitting all day at the computer working new layout so be patient...