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7-8.11.2015 2 x Kaunas LT
Anu and "Coco" EE, LV MVA Soft Motion´s Devine Dynamite travelled to Lithuania Kaunas. 1st day Coco was EXL2 with SQ at Champion class. Sunday Anu and Coco EXL1 SQ and BOB with CAC.
So Coco is now LT CH and also BALTIC CH! Absolutely fantastic :) Thanks ANU!

Left Anu and Soft Motion´s Devine Dynamite "Coco"


7-8.11.2015 Tartto 2 x INT show Estonia
Niina and "Assi" FI, S MVA Soft Motion´s Can´t Resist Me travelled to Estonia to try the last CACIB....
Niina and Assi did well as both days Assi was BOB with CACIB.
So 1st day they took CAC and CACIB and Assi is now EE CH and C.I.B!
I am so happy. Thanks goes to Niina and also a littbit to Purtsa too :)
Judges were Mr.Eugeny Kuplyauskas from Russia and Anna Albrigo from Italy.

Niina and Soft Motion´s Can´t Resist Me "Assi"


27.10.2015 Sad news

It was too good to be true... Miisa lost her puppies. We are shocked about this and there was 6 puppies on the way! Now Miisa is recovering from the operation as she lost her uterus and puppies :(



10.10.2015 Valmiera Latvia

"Coco" Soft Motion´s Devine Dynamite travelled with her owner Anu to Latvija Valmiera. Anu sended me MSM that mission completed and Coco is now also LV CH. Coco was BOB with CAC. Well done again girls! I was so happy that I smiled all day at work :).




After 4 years and many dissapointments we are going to have puppies!
The parents are "Hjallis" Soft Motion´s Am I Hot Gossip
( Drover´s Very Best x Brightcut Snowdowne Limited -> Frozen semen from USA ) and
( Drover´s I Alexandrovits -> Frozen semen x Soft Motion´s By My Side ) Many old dogs and lines are in this pedigree. More info at puppies site -> old english sheepdog puppies.

E-litters 1st pose. Proud parents Hjallis & Miisa <3


8-9.8.2015 Võru Estonia

"Coco" Soft Motion´s Devine Dynamite had 2 shows at Võru dog show. Saturday Coco was BOB with the last CAC for the EE CH title ang took group 4 under judge Mrs. Irina Poletaeva from Finland and Sunday also BOB under judge Mr. John Muldoon from Ireland.. Well done Anu and Coco !

"Coco" Soft Motion´s Devine Dynamite New EE CH and Group 4 :)


25.7.2015 Ādaži Latvia Int show

Bearded collie "Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel did well as she went from Open class BOS CAC and Cacib :)
Old English Sheepdog "Coco" Soft Motion´s Devine Dynamite EXL2 SQ BB3..
After a change of judge the breed judge was Mrs. Elena Kuleshova from Russia.

"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel BOS, CAC and CACIB <3


18.7.2015 Tarttu Estonia

"Coco" Soft Motion´s Devine Dynamite 1st time this summer at the show ring with lovely results BOB and CAC. Way to go Coco and Anu :) Breed judge Mrs Pirjo Aaltonen from Finland.


28.6.2015 Gällivare INT, Sweden

"Assi" Soft Motion´s Can´t Resist Me BOS and got CAC & CACIB. Assi is now also new S CH! Well done Niina and Assi :)


23.5.2015 Helsinki INT

"Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love BB4 . Alli


16.5.2015 Rauma

"Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love BOB-Vet and BB3. Breed judge was Mrs. Barbara Heal.


11.4.2015 Vaasa INT

"Assi" Soft Motion´s Can´t Resist Me BB2 re-cacib and "Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love BOB-Vet.
Breed judge was Mrs. Jaana Hartus from Finland.

"Assi" FI CH Soft Motion´s Can´t Resist Me


28.3.2015 Turku INT

"Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love did well at the show BOB-Vet and BOS. Absolutely fabolous Niina and Alli :)
Breed judge was Mr. Brett Thompson from Australia.

"Alli" Multi CH Soft Motion´s April Love BOS and BOB-Veteran


21.3.2015 Lahti INT

Soft Motion´s Bedtime Story " Alma" champion class EXL.
Soft Motion´s April Love "Alli" veteran class BB4 and BOB -VET.
Breed judge was Mr.Pedro Sanches Delerue.


10.2.2015 It was time to let you go...

One of the hardest days in my life. It was time to let you go.
R.I.P. "Helli" Drover´s Very Best 13.10.2003-10.2.2015.

"Helli" Drover´s Very Best <3


24.1.2015 Turku INT Show

"Assi" Soft Motion´s Can´t Resist Me took her last CAC with style... BOB, CAC and Cacib <3. "Alli" Soft Motion´s April Love BB3 BOB-veteran. I am so proud of these 2 girls!
Breed judge was Mr. Róbert Kotlár Knl Only For Fun (HU). Dogs entered 23 (8+15).

"Assi" Soft Motion´s Can´t Resist Me BOB, CAC and Cacib New FI CH <3


10-11.1.2015 Tarto, Estonia

"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel did absolutely fantastic at the shows. Both days she went BOB with CAC. Saturday at the group she was Group 4 at the show <3. On sunday we didn´t stay for the group as there was too bad weather and we had to catch the ferry back home. Saturday Mr. Anthony Kelly from Ireland took breed and group and sunday the judge was Mr. Jose Vidal Montero from Spain.

"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel