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12.11.2016 Riga Latvia "Baltic Winner-16"

This time I had only Holger with me and the result was lovely! "Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden gained 2 new titles! Baltic Junior Winner-16 and LV JUNCH <3.
Holger EXL1 CQ BM2. Breed judge was Mrs. Helin Tenson from Finland.

Holger Baltic Junior winner-16 and LV JUN CH


5-6.11.2016 Tarto Estonia

Estonia 2 xInt shows. Pulmu was entered only for saturday and Holger both days. "Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden BOB-jun and BOB both days and he also got the last JUN CAC for the EE JUN CH title. "Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel got her 3rd CACIB and is lacking only 1 Cacib... Bteed judge was Mrs. Jadranka Mijatovic from Croatia.
Sunday Holger was at the ring and was also BOB-jun and BOB. Breed judge was Mr. Jan Gajewski from Poland. Again really good trip for me :)

Holger BOB and BOB JUN both days <3

Pulmu saturday <3


20.8.2016 Obedience competition at Pusula

"Coco" Soft Motion´s Devine Dynamite and Anu again class win with points 191.5 and new titel OB1! Well done girls :)


7.8.2016 Svenstavik INT, Sweden

Just 10 months old "Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden made me proud as he won 1st junior class with EXL1 CQ and ended up BM3 with CAC <3. "Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel champion bitches EXL3.
Holger was also at Farmarens breed winning breeders group and end of the day that group was BIS breeders group. Breed judge was Mrs. Tarja Löfman (Knl Lawnlake) from Finland. There was a entry of 23 beardies.

Holger BM3 and CAC :)

Pulmu <3


24.7.2016 Helsinki

"Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden junior class VG1. Breed judge was Mr. Johan Andersson Knl Alistair´s, Sweden.


23.7.2016 Helsinki OES Spesialty

Today was our OES spesialty. 50 oes and official classes 43. Judge Mrs. Edy Dykstra-Blum. ( Bizzeboot´s ).
"Alma" FI CH Soft Motion´s Bedtime Story today at veteran bitches EXL1 CQ and later BOB-veteran. "Alli" C.I.B FIN MVA EE MVA LT MVA BALTV-11 MVV-14 VV-14 HeVW-14 Soft Motion´s April Love at shortclipped class Veteran bitches EXL1 and BB2 ( all clipped bitches ) over 10 years old. "Sirkku" C.I.B POHJ MVA FI MVA SE MVA NO MVA LV MVA BALTV-13 V-13 HeW-14 PMV-15 Soft Motion´s Diamond In The Sky EXL. Champion class was the biggest class ( 14 ).

Alma BOB-veteran <3

Alli and Niina


16.7.2016 Obedience at Tampere

"Coco" Soft Motion´s Devine Dynamite and Anu OB1 180p and HP + class win!


16.7.2016 Mäntsälä

"Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden Jun class VG1. Judge was Mrs. Marianne Holm from Finland.


9-10.7.2016 Pärnu, Estonia 2 x INT show

9.7.2016 "Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden BM2 with JUN-CAC. "Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel BB2 with re-Cacib. Breed judge was Mrs. Elena Ruskovaara from Finland.
10.7.2016 "Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden VG1. "Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel BB1 CACIB and BOB :). Breed judge was Mrs. Marja Talvitie from Finland.

Holger on the move 9.7.2016

Pulmu BOB :)


8.7.2016 Pärnu, Estonia Group Show FCI1
"Holger" Farmarens Viking Of Sweden made me proud as he was BM2 with Jun-Cac and later on at the big ring BIS JUNIOR <3

Holger BIS JUNIOR <3


3.7.2016 Karjaa Dog Show

Holger ( Farmarens Viking Of Sweden ) Wieremiejczyk - Wierzchowska Malgorzata from Poland judged beardies and loved my Holger so much... 1st possible show just 9 months old BM2 with his 1st CAC!!!.
I am super happy <3


25.5.2016 R.I.P. Klaara and Vappu

After 3 weeks of battle with the puppies I had to give up :(
Both girls had a kiddney failure and there was nothing that I could do... I am so heart broken.

Vappu and Klaara angel puppies <3 <3


17.3.2016 We have seen OES puppies!

"Sirkka" Soft Motion´s Caught Up With You was at the ultrasound this week. We saw few puppies but it is too early to tell how many there is... that we will see at end of april ;)
If you are interested please contact me softmotionskennel(at) or call +358-40-5038033.
The details of the litter is under oes puppies site.



30.1.2016 Narva Estonia

In the last minute I got opportunity to travel to Narva Estonia to try the last CAC for Pulmu. It was a success and Pulmu was BOS with CAC and earned 3 new titles. "Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel EE, FI, LV CH :)
The judge was Elena Kuleshova from Russia.

"Pulmu" Farmarens Rock N´Rebel BOS with CAC


17.1.2016 Lahti

"Gimli" L´Artist Of Reality Dreams today EXL1 with lovely report from our Finnish judge Marianne Holm.

"Gimli" L´Artist Of Reality Dreams


16.1.2016 Turku INT

"Gimli" L´Artist Of Reality Dreams 1st time at the junior class with EXL2. LT LV EE CH "Coco" Soft Motion´s Devine Dynamite EXC3.Breed judge was Mrs. Jean Lanning from UK.

"Gimli" L´Artist Of Reality Dreams

"Coco" Soft Motion´s Devine Dynamite